FAQs About EHRs for Research

Why are you asking for my EHRs?

Your EHRs contain important information about your health status and medical history, in particular your MS diagnosis, treatment, and overall experience. This information can be very powerful when combined with the data from thousands of others living with MS. Researchers can analyze the collected data to better understand, treat, and ultimately cure MS.

Why should I share my EHR data with iConquerMS™?

When researchers have access to large amounts of information, they gain new insights into MS, leading to better diagnoses, improved treatments, and one day, to cures. As a result of iConquerMS™, researchers will now have access to unprecedented amounts of data, including the information from the EHRs of people living with MS. Sharing your EHRs will make a difference; every bit of data is an important contribution toward curing MS.

What will happen to my EHRs once they are uploaded to iConquerMS™?

Your EHRs will be encrypted and securely stored on the iConquerMS™ portal, where you can access them at any time. It is important to note that simply uploading your EHRs to iConquerMS™ does not result in your data being shared with researchers. After uploading your EHRs, you actively choose whether to share your EHR data with researchers.

What if I don't have access to my full medical record?

Any data you can share is valuable!

How will researchers use my EHRs?

Researchers will use your EHRs in a de-identified manner. Any information that identifies you directly will be removed.

Researchers will use this data to find patterns that might not be visible otherwise. And then they can use these patterns and insights to figure out the causes of MS, determine who will respond best to various therapies, and find new improved treatments for the disease.

If I have a new EHR, can I update my records?

Definitely. It is very helpful to update your EHRs on iConquerMS™. You can upload a new file at any time or update your existing EHRs.